Berkshire Thunder

Berkshire Thunder racing shirts are available this year for $22

Throughout the season, We will be focusing on the following
-Aerobic conditioning; Weekly Long run. Gradual build up to a 40 minute run.
-Form & Stride Efficiency; Drills + Short Hills
-A little speed; Track relays
-Runners Core Strength
-We will also have special guest coaches leading some Track & Field sessions (jumping, throwing, hurdles).

Summer running is a great way for all athletes to stay in shape for fall sports!

Berkshire Thunder & Lightning Track Club

Berkshire Thunder is now Berkshire Thunder & Lightning! We are now a boys and girls youth Track & Field Club!
Berkshire Thunder (boys) & Berkshire Lightning (girls) have combined their summer Track Clubs  to provide boys and girls 5th - 12th grade an opportunity to explore the world of running and to improve their overall physical conditioning in a relaxed and informal setting. Berkshire Thunder & Lightning welcomes new runners who want to begin to run and to those that already love to run and want to share their passion for running to others. 

There is no cost to join however a parent is required to sign a registration form. Please follow this link to the Berkshire Lightning web site for Signups or Questions. There is no cost to join. Or you may just show up a few minutes before the start of any scheduled meeting, ready to run.

Our first meeting for 2023 will be Thursday June 13th 6:00 pm - (5:45 for initial signup) and our first run. Meet at the Taconic High School Track. 

The club will meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6-7 pm and Saturday mornings, 9-10 am at the Taconic High School Track in Pittsfield, MA  during the summer.New members are welcome to join at any time. Please come 15 minutes early to sign up.

High school runners from all schools are encouraged to participate as mentors to younger runners, and to stay on Saturday mornings for an extra hour for a weekly long run together - a good way to get some of your summer running in and make some friends!

Parents are welcome to participate and help as we break up into smaller group runs.